Battle of the Spreads Butter vs Margarine

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Battle of the Spreads?
The “battle” was won years ago and there is no debate any longer.
Butta is betta.

Margarine and things like Crisco are partially hydrogenated foods. The process of partially hydrogenating changes food on a molecular level, this confuses the body and in its confusion it creates triple fatty acids. These acids become cellulite. Cellulite never goes away. It can shrink and expand but is understood to never disappear. This body malfunction is a leading cause in conditions like heart disease, and has been linked to a plethora of other diseases including (but not limited to) cancer. The body does not know how to breakdown or assimilate these chemicals. Often the body will store it instead of eliminate it because the body is confused. And cancer is a malfunction in the body’s repair system. So cancer can start when trying to fix the damage it has caused by storing certain unwelcome toxins.

The use of ALL of these products, and their chemical cousins should always be avoided.

Chemicals do not take the place of food… ever.

There was a grand myth created in the eighties regarding fat. We were told that fat was the culprit in a number of physical aliments and that thinking is quite misunderstood.

Fat is not bad for us. In fact, certain fats are imperative to healthy organ functioning. None of these necessary fats are found in processed food (margarine). It’s all the chemicals, disguised as food, that are doing the damage. There just simply is NO fat-free fat, or sugar-free sugar. No person should ingest these chemicals, let alone on a regular basis.

In the thirties a dentist by the name of Price traveled the world to find out why American health was deteriorating, even back then. What he found was that the mass processing of food and the over use of enriched wheat and sugar was to blame. All indigenous peoples around the world ate fat, as well as fermented foods, seasonal foods and very little sugar. In fact some indigenous peoples, like the Eskimos, ingested large quantities of fat, and suffered none of the degenerative diseases that were afflicting Americans. Dr. Price believed that teeth, or overall health of the mouth, was a good indicator of a person’s complete body health and these peoples around the world had excellent teeth; little to no decay and no need for an Orthodontist. His work has never been negated and is still used in lectures all over the world.

This line of thinking is widely accepted throughout the medical world and all health practitioners understand this bodily reaction concerning partially hydrogenated “foods”. Think: cigarettes. The only people that would still argue that smoking cigs doesn’t lead to cancer would be those who are employed by tobacco companies. The same thing is true for all partially hydrogenated products, yet I am continually shocked to read the ingredients in many foods, especially foods claiming to be “low fat” or “light”. Every time you see margarine, think Crisco. Every time you see “Partially Hydrogenated” in any food (even the powder that they put in your deliciously flavored Starbuck’s coffee) you should think Crisco, ’cause that is what it is. I’d rather have a scoop of animal lard and a quarter cup of sugar in my coffee than a touch of partially hydrogenated anything and corn syrup. At least my body will recognize it and know what to do with it..

There was ian nteresting study done with cats that I feel inclined to share. There were two groups of cats, one was given a completely raw food diet and the other was given a completely cooked food diet. By the third generation of cats the cooked food diet group would die out. They were infertile and suffered from all the same debilitating diseases afflicting humans. Some lost eyesight, some lost hearing, and many had teeth that were rotting out of their heads. Need I mention that the raw food diet cats were happy, healthy, and humping with success?

A good rule of thumb that I think we all could benefit from: If it worked for thousands and thousands of years, how could it be “bad”?

Butter tastes better in spite of “popular” belief is better for you.

Butta is betta.

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