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According to, The history of garlic is a very long and illustrious one. The word, “Garlic” is derived from the old English term “garleac”, which means “spear leek”. Garlic has been used for over 60 centuries, especially in Asia, as a medicinal and culinary ingredient. It even has been renowned for its aphrodisiac properties.

Many ancient cultures, including the Romans, Greeks and even Egyptians, used garlic to boost strength before battle and prevent diseases. It is rumored that garlic made Egyptian builders stronger and Roman legions more courageous. Perhaps it did by keeping their bodies healthy or perhaps it was by their belief in the power of garlic.

In short, Garlic has been around since ancient times. Renowned for its flavor and health benefits many consider garlic the perfect accompaniment to a food dish. Garlic enhances the flavors of foods an also adds a spicy flavor to what otherwise may be a rather bland dish.

In theory, garlic powder is simply dehydrated garlic separated into cloves that have been ground to a fine powder.

Garlic salt is garlic powder that has salt added to it.

Both can be used to flavor any dish. If your meat is a salty type of meat such as fish or another seafood you may not want the additional salt added to your food, in that case it would be a good choice to use garlic powder.

If you are adding salt separately, save yourself the extra step and use the garlic salt.

All brands are not created equal. Take a moment to compare labels. Some major brands of garlic salt and garlic powder have additional preservatives and even on occasion parsley and other herbs are added. If you are looking for these other herbs these brands can save you a few dollars at the store but if you are steadfastly attempting to avoid specific preservatives (such as MSG for example) then I would highly recommend reading the label carefully before purchasing your garlic.

If you are using a low salt diet garlic powder offers a great alternative for spicing your foods. You won’t have any added salt and your food will remain full of robust flavor.

There are many different variations of garlic to choose from if one is drying their own garlic to create garlic powder or garlic salt. The most common type of garlic found in your supermarket today is a soft neck garlic or on occasion elephant garlic (noted by its gigantic size next to the other garlics you see this one will definitely stand out though it is frequently much milder in flavor). Additionally there are also hard necked varieties that have a firmer stalk attached to the end of the garlic bulb.

Whatever you choose, garlic is one herb that most either love or hate.

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