Long time

The fact that I have not been keeping up with my blog is a good sign. Tait is keeping me busy as a stay at home Mom for the summer. I did not know it could be so much fun yet so demanding. We kind of move at a five year olds pace. A brisk walk becomes a slow stroll so we can examine bugs, pick flowers and visit with neighbors. (so much for keeping that heart rate up for a bit of a workout!!) We have had many trips to Seaworld and the lake mixed in with playing with the neighborhood kids and a few karate lessons. I have been feeling pretty good and getting to enjoy gardening and late nights of reading books I don’t normally have time for.

No matter how much I pick up or clean, the house seems to stay a mess. Oh well, it’ll be worse when we get our little Chinese princess. Got to run and check on the kids they sound like they are putting on a concert.